Tier One is an airsoft / milsim team in Japan with squads based in Aichi Prefecture and Tokyo. Originally conceived in 2017 by current and former military personnel, Tier One has continued to focus on Military Simulation (MIL-SIM) and ideals set by the team’s founders.

Over the years the team has grown to now have over 30 team members from many different countries, speaking primarily in English and/or Japanese. Members meet regularly on weekends, playing at multiple airsoft fields around their regions.

Team History

  1. Tier One - Aichi Unit Established

    March, 2017
  2. Recruitment Begins

    May, 2017
  3. Team Members: 5

    September, 2017
  4. Team Members: 10

    January, 2018
  5. New Team Patch Introduced

    July, 2018
  6. Team Members: 15

    September, 2018
  7. Aichi Unit: New Team Captain

    April, 2019
  8. Tier One - Tokyo Unit Established

    June, 2019
  9. New Website Released

    August, 2019